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Mr. Prashant

Head- Hyderabad Operations


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Mr. Prashant is an accomplished professional with a strong background in both the IT sector and sales. Currently serving as the Head of Hyderabad Operations at Four Course Properties Pvt Ltd, he plays a crucial role in driving the company’s operations and growth in the Hyderabad market.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech), Mr. Prashant possesses a solid technical foundation that complements his sales expertise. His educational background equips him with a unique perspective, enabling him to understand and leverage technology in the real estate industry.

Mr. Prashant’s career spans over 17 years, during which he has gained diverse experience in various sectors. He has successfully navigated the IT industry, utilizing his technical knowledge to deliver exceptional solutions to clients. However, his passion for sales eventually led him to venture into the real estate sector.

His extensive experience in sales has honed his skills in relationship building, negotiation, and customer satisfaction. These qualities make him a valuable asset to Four Course Properties, where he combines his sales acumen with his technical background to drive business growth and establish strong partnerships with clients in Hyderabad.

As the Head of Hyderabad Operations, Mr. Prashant is responsible for overseeing and managing the company’s activities in the Hyderabad market. He collaborates with a team of professionals to develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies, ensuring the successful execution of projects and the achievement of business objectives.

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